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Solent Anaesthesia & Pain Relief Service Ltd.

✪ Short waiting times

Get professional help quickly when you suffer with persisting pain
The NHS has limited access to some pain relief treatments which we can still offer if there is chance of benefit.

✪ Close to your home

Our clinic appointments and treatments take place on the Island, you do not have to travel to the mainland.
We offer face to face, telephone or video appointments.
More about remote appointments here.

✪ Continuity

Personalised, high quality and consistent care

✪ Flexibility

We offer a variety of dates and times to suit busy schedules
We offer advice, help and relief for people suffering with long-term pain. Patients usually seek our help after the source / cause of pain has been fully investigated and all treatments aiming at removing the pain cause are complete. Or if the pain cause remains unknown, despite a complete set of investigations.
If your pain is still under investigation, or if the pain cause is being - or expected to being - treated with hope of a cure, you should complete all investigations or curative or targeted treatments before seeking our help.

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Clinics and treatments take place at The Mottistone, St. Mary's Hospital PO30 5TG
Find more information about the Mottistone on this website
Solent Anaesthesia & Pain Relief Service
Registered Company No. 11251710
Mail Address:
Mail Box 90, Baring Chambers
13 Denmark Road
Cowes, Isle of Wight
PO31 7SY
United Kingdom

07981 592613
Registered with the Information Commissioners Office
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